Party Boxes

About Us

I’m Stacey from Party Boxes. 

We specialise in party supplies altogether in a box, in one place, so you don’t have to worry.  

We have found through the years (and a lot of parties!) that you can shop around so much for party products and it takes up so much time, we wanted to make it easy and have it all in one place. 

We have put our own Standard, Deluxe and Milestone party boxes together, aswell as orders for  

Bespoke Boxes and party bags.  

It’s all very handy, delivered straight to your door. 

We have a range of Boxes available on our Etsy page, please send us a message for any Bespoke orders. 

Everything is wrapped and packaged in eco-friendly packaging. 

Let Party Boxes take the stress away!  

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