Megan Pugh Art

About Us

I am a wildlife illustrator and felting artist & design and hand make everything myself. I am passionate about wildlife, the environments they live in and the issues they face. It’s important to me that I spread awareness through my art. 

There is nothing I love more than to spend time in nature, and it breaks my heart that it is disappearing. I know many people feel the same - so I wanted to create functional and decorative pieces that could be given as a gift (or just to treat yourself!) That are handmade, natural & local that don't have a huge impact on the planet. 


  • 100% cotton Hand illustrated shopping bags 
  • Seasonal decorations (christmas, easter, Halloween..) 
  • Car charms 
  • Bamboo and vegan felting 
  • Greetings Cards 
  • Art Prints 
  • Pet Portraits 
  • Identification charts 
  • Jewellery and brooches 
  • Notebooks and stationery 
  • Home decor 
  • Wallhangings 
  • 2D Felting 
  • 3D Felted ornaments and sculptures 
  • Childrens books 
  • Commissions 
  • And more... 


I use natural materials and fibres including bamboo, cotton, wool, recycled card and paper. I always prioritize sourcing my materials from other small local businesses wherever it is possible. I take air miles, animal welfare, pollutants and environmental impacts very seriously. I make sure to research and find out as much information as possible before making a decision about who/where I purchase materials from. I am always improving and searching for ways to be better. 

All packaging is completely plastic free, including protective sleeves for prints which are made from plant starch that are fully compostable. As well as paper tape, cardboard boxes and envelopes which are fully recyclable. 

Art and Projects 

From natural history and children's book illustration, to pet portraits and logo design I have really enjoyed being part of many different projects. 

A few of my favourites personally have been illustrating information boards and educational e-books for the central coast council in Australia. The boards have been placed in many different locations around Brisbane Waters, and include food chain, wildlife and habitat diagrams for people to see as they enjoy their walks. 

I was very fortunate to be approached by the BBC for a short film about my needle felting. The interview by bbc gloucestershire is featured on their social media pages (and although I was a bit nervous!) it was an amazing opportunity that helped me gain confidence to work on 'Megan Pugh Art' full time. 

If you have any custom requests please feel free to contact me, thank you!