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My name is Amanda, I own and run Dawson Pottery, handmade unique ceramics.

I moved from Oxfordshire to the Forest of Dean in 2021 with my family.  I have always enjoyed making things so using a little garden shed I started pottery as way to relax.  Teaching myself by trial and error and sometimes opening the kiln and putting it all in the bin. Little by little I have learnt by my mistakes and improved to where I am actually pleased with what I pull out of the kiln.

I make a variety of pottery from colourful soap dishes and holders for your toothbrushes to beautiful plant pots, bells, fun kitchen spoon decorations, bowls, and even mini hand bound books for journaling or for gifting, this incorporates another hobby of mine, sewing.

I’m very mindful of the environment and take a lot of my inspiration from nature. Often literally by using ferns and leaves to pattern my products. I love the simplicity of working the clay with my hands. My pieces are tactile and organic you can see the marks my hands have made. These minor imperfections give the pieces a personality only possible with handmade items.

Handmade pottery for me is slabs of clay and various rolling pins, some of the rolling pins are textured, I also make my own patterned stamps of leaves and flowers to stamp into the clay.  Textures are a big feature in the items I make

I love this planet we all live on. So, everything is packed in eco-friendly packaging to make being planet friendly that bit easier for everyone.

You can guarantee that every piece I make for you is lovingly produced with care and consideration to the Planet and our environment.

Please ask for your Local Discovery Card discount if you see me at a local market or contact me via email or on social media for the discount code.


Tactile ceramics

Tactile Pottery influenced by Nature

Discount Offer: 10% off all purchases - in person or online, contact direct to redeem.

Email: amanda@dawsonpottery.uk

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