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At Baroombie Thrift we create bespoke gifts, home decor, decorations and keepsakes. All of our products are handcrafted and made from high quality resin.  

All of the products within our shop have been designed and made by us – so they are completely unique and unfindable anywhere else!  

Our keepsake range is our speciality and we offer a wide range of pieces that can encase mementos of your memories; but if none of these are suitable, we can commission a completely unique piece to you so it reflects you and your memories best.  

How it began:-  

Initially Baroombie Thrift was born from my first love, my number one obsession - my horses. Ever since I was a tiny tot, I’ve been lucky enough to have these magical creatures in my life, but unfortunately the magic doesn't last forever. 

Whenever I've lost one of my unicorns, I’ve sent them off to the gates of heaven with half a tail and a bald patch in their manes like many horse owners do. Over the years they have just been sitting in a box which has sat on top of the wardrobe collecting dust. I started to feel a bit guilty that I had sent them off half tailed and a bit bald so I could have a bit of hair in a box, so began the research. I looked at how to preserve the hair and make it look as beautiful as the horses they once belonged to. Before I knew it, I had a complete obsession with resin, making all sorts of wonderful keepsakes and other things for myself, family and friends. This continued for years until…. Baroombie Thrift was born in 2021, a year which brought massive changes to all our lives:- a pandemic, new social norms and the biggest change of all for me – my son starting school! I felt like I had been made redundant, and for me a “normal” job wasn’t in the question, between being a mother and also suffering with kidney failure – which ties me to the hospital 3 times a week, I needed something to fit around me and my life. I’ve always been an artist and always made resin keepsakes for friends so my husband and a very good friend pushed me to do it full time – and thank God they did because Baroombie Thrift was born. 

And Now:-  

Since starting, our range of projects has been continually developing and we offer a wide range of gifts, home-décor, decorations and keepsakes; However I also take on commissions. Being the artist that I am, I’m happy to commission any piece your imagination has developed so please just drop me a message and together hopefully we can turn your very own ideas into a reality. 

Thank you for choosing to support small, 

Victoria  x 

Victoria Philipson, Founder and Artist, Garway Herefordshire

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Handcrafted Bespoke Resin Gifts & Keepsakes

Discount Offer:  10% off all products on our website. Contact direct to Redeem. Does not apply to Commissioned pieces.


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